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“If we have time, we will meet weekly” – Monika Erdely and Zoltan Jakob have developed a deep friendship over the past six months

“If we have time, we will meet weekly” – Monika Erdely and Zoltan Jakob have developed a deep friendship over the past six months

Monica from Transylvania And Zoltan Jacob At the beginning of January, they posted a video from the billionaire's home on their Instagram pages during a joint cooking session, which Keskjaed recently spoke about. He asked themwhat kind of relationship they have with each other.

As it turned out, the businessman and former TV presenter met at an event last summer, where they quickly began to like each other.

We immediately felt each other's sense of humor and jokes. Then on August 20, Zuli invited me and my little daughter to the second session. To his unfinished house in the area so we could watch the fireworks together from there. The terrace of the luxury house offers a wonderful view of the Danube River and Buda Castle. Since then, time permitting, we meet weekly. We cook and talk a lot. I really liked him because he is a kind and good person. If I have any problem, I can contact him and he will take care of my soul. Within half a year, a deep friendship has developed between us, so I would be happy to enter into joint business with him. We are on the same wavelength, because we also have common interests. We both love cooking and traveling. We've looked at where we can go together, even on vacation, but we also have other joint plans

– explained Erdely, who feels that their friendship is a gift from life.

He wasn't with me yet, he always invited me to his house. My daughter has already met him, and I have met his children as well. I was really surprised by how humble they were. I've seen spoiled kids from rich parents many times, but they're not like that at all.

The magazine also spoke to Zoltan Jakob about the matter, who revealed that although they are both from Paks-Kiskun County, he was previously only Monica ShowThe presenter saw him, but not at that time, but recently, he noticed him.

He is an individual. And when we met in person for the first time, my first impression was that he had a better sense of humor in real life than what we saw on TV – since he couldn't show his real personality on the show, he just asked the characters. There is a lot of sympathy between us, and we started a joint project. We've cooked together as friends many times, but now we're getting ready for something I can't talk about yet. Monica will also be appearing on my new YouTube channel, The Beauty Guru Show, where we help women who struggle with self-confidence and don't feel beautiful with the help of professionals.

The businessman said.

the previous He is great He added that although many people ask him if there is more than just a friendship between him and Erdely, even if something is developing, he will not say anything about it at the moment, as he is currently in the research stage.

Until I feel like I definitely found the woman I wanted, I won't talk about my private life. But I'll tell you this much: I haven't fallen in love with any lady yet

– Dispel assumptions.

On that day, Zoltan Jakob's former partner, Morning, Bettina He also revealed how his love life is going now.

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