Colo Babbitt has wanted this sports car for years

Köl for Babbitt It is known that her husband is a successful businessman, so everyone thinks that he spreads the money with both hands, because Andras makes sure that he does not lack anything. This is not the case at all, rather the opposite is true: Babbitt He has been working since the age of 15 and continues to cover his needs with his own income.

Babbitt’s old dream of being able to drive a sports car has come true Photo: TV2

“Now I’m pissing everyone off: I’m spending my own money! I’m not assigned to András’ card!”

– recently revealed for pepperWith that in mind, the video that was recently shared by on his TikTok channel. The beautiful introduction showcased the type of car you drive.

His old dream came true when he could sit in his dream car which he bought with his own money. Stupendous about Porsche There is a word Babbitt He showed it off in a funny video on TikTok, though the focus wasn’t on the car, the goal was just entertainment.

When asked by Ripost, he said the car He didn’t buy it to show off.

I don’t race, I’ve never wanted to speed from one red light to the next and scare other people away. In fact, I always laugh when someone joins me and I see they want to compete. In this case, I start slowly. I wanted this car because I like the look of it, there are one or two things that are on the bucket list in a person’s life, this car was right for me. I don’t want anything more expensive or better. The point for me is not that it costs as much as it can, or what the emblem is on the front of the car…

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– revealed Babbitt, who has been a fan of sports cars for years. Many people want a similar car because it’s flashy, but he said that’s why It also has drawbacks.

In my previous car, there were two more seats in the back where you could pack. The current one has two seats to be exact, behind the engine. When my car arrived I was so glad I went to pick it up. I managed to solve the papers in the afternoon, so I could bring them in. It’s time for me to take the kid to school. She leaves and realizes Mila has a guitar lesson the other day, but we can’t put the instrument anywhere because it won’t fit anywhere. So I happily got home with my new car, pulled into the garage, got into the other car and went to pick up the kid at school.

He remembers laughing Babbittwho every time he gets in the car, feels grateful to fate that this was given to him.

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