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I wish | Grand Theft Auto V is already running on Nintendo Switch

I wish |  Grand Theft Auto V is already running on Nintendo Switch

You can't buy and play the Switch's Grand Theft Auto V (yet?), but you can play it on the hybrid console.

Daniel Boddy

21.04.2024 – Actually, what is strange, or rather surprising, is that in the past ten years, not once has a Grand Theft Auto V Nintendo Switch version been considered by Rockstar's developers, or perhaps by the publisher's thirsty executives. For money take two. There is no doubt that it will be a huge success, because GTA V is played and bought by millions to this day, and the portable version of it will not only sell well on Switch, but may also boost sales of the hybrid console. It's also no excuse that already weak hardware can't handle it, as the game was originally released for the Xbox 360-PS3 pair.

But despite these arguments, we can now be absolutely sure that GTA V will not be officially released on Switch. On the one hand, because there would have been plenty of opportunities to do so 7 years after the release of the machine, they instead spoiled it with the terrible revamp of III, Vice City, and San Andreas, and on the other hand, the successor Switch will be released soon, so Rockstar has now run out of reasons to deal with the old hardware. If such a release is planned, it will likely appear on Nintendo's more powerful console. Yes, correct!

Yes, but in December, the source code for GTA V was leaked (completely stolen) and modders, including the Superstar South community, have been working on one thing for months: of course, GTA V on its Switch port. Obviously the first attempts were very bad (e.g. the program crashed before loading), but it has escalated now:

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You can play the GTA V intro on Switch.

Compared to the whole game, the 20 minutes of introduction (and I may have said too much) seem rather short, especially since it even works so poorly, but the fact is that the game was not released thanks to the developers, but by decoding and modifying the source code of GTA V on Switch running in handheld mode is a commendable achievement. What's more, thanks to my infinite wealth, I can also say in advance, with my hand on the marble, that there may be a moment when the Switch will do well not just with the premise, but with the entire game. open world. After all, we were also surprised with the Xbox 360, but it still works.

However, there is still a long way to go: Unforeseen technical issues may occur, which could lead the project to a dead end, or, as Take Two's sometimes overzealous lawyers know, they may be brought down by legal means before they get there. . If a Switch release is indeed planned, it could happen.

But here's proof that it can work:

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