Google Calendar has gone wild, it’s also reading in our messages

Many users have reported that they have been experiencing a strange glitch in the Google Calendar mobile app for the past few days. The app appears to generate random, non-existent events throughout the day based on the content of users’ Gmail messages.

the 9to5Google First wrote that various types of email, including delivery notices, purchase receipts, and newsletters, can appear as events throughout the day to people who use Google Calendar (pretty much everyone). the edge Some of your fellow users of the Google Calendar app also encountered this error. “It’s like finding land mines in my calendar,” one writer (whose calendar is shown in the screenshot below) complained.

Screenshot of the Google Calendar app in dark mode.

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Thankfully, we haven’t encountered this problem yet, but if you’ve tried it and want it to go away, there is of course a solution. Namely, turn off the “Show events from Gmail” option in your Google Calendar settings. It’s not a complicated method and it’s relatively important to do it anyway, unless you want spam invites to get into your calendar automatically.

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