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I wish | Better accuracy, better game?

I wish |  Better accuracy, better game?

The first PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

03/04/2024 – We have very good news for those who value resolution and frame rates on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Technology that has long been available to PC gamers is coming to consoles, but now console gamers can take advantage of it. AMD recently announced the arrival of a big update to FSR 3.1, with controller support, and we have the games we can try first.

Okay, but what is FSR?

Back in 2021, AMD unveiled its FidelityFX Supersolution technology, which is a competitor to Nvidia DLSS, but the two solutions differ in many respects. AMD FSR is an upscaling technology that downscales the game resolution and uses “sophisticated” algorithms to artificially upscale the resolution to create near-native image quality. The algorithm analyzes the source to detect edges and reconstruct the image with high accuracy, AMD says. In contrast to Nvidia's DLSS solution, this is a more software approach, so it doesn't require special hardware. On average, we get a 2x higher frame rate when using it compared to the native resolution, at least on PC. In the meantime, several updated versions of the FSR have emerged.

PS5 and Xbox Series

the Official announcement He says Immortals of Aveum will be the first PS5 and Xbox Series The game was released in 2023, and the game's developers are currently working on bringing AMD FidelityFX Supersolution 3 (FSR 3), including its framerate generation ability, to the game on consoles. So this will be my first console game Frame generation He has the technology.

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the Frame generation The process of creating new frames from game data using artificial intelligence or, in the case of FSR 3, an advanced algorithm, and inserting them between traditionally rendered frames. This can greatly improve game performance, but you need at least 50-60 FPS for a smooth gaming experience. Frame generation also uses latency minimization technology to reduce input lag.

Immortals of Aveum was one of the first games to get FSR 3 support on PC, an older version of the technology that wasn't as impressive as the December 2023 release of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which arrived with FSR 3.1. So, in addition to bringing FSR 3 to consoles, the studio is also updating the game to the latest version of FSR 3 on PC as well. This is great news for Radeon RX gamers, as FSR 3 doesn't require any special hardware. Works with all Radeon RX 6000 and 7000 series cards.

The FSR 3 patch is expected to be released for consoles and PC in the coming weeks. This is excellent timing, as Immortals of Aveum is among the PlayStation Plus games for April.

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