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It wouldn’t be surprising if many people hadn’t heard of one of the console functions that was launched over a year and a half ago.

Awards can be translated as thanks and appreciation in Hungarian. We get this when we play online with our PlayStation 5 and another player sends us a message (not with the messenger!) that we did a good job. How many of us have this happened? It is no exaggeration if many of us do not have such a memory, and perhaps that is why it is not surprising that Sony is quietly planning to cancel the function …

“Accolades will not be supported on PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2022. The feature has not been used as much as we expected, so we are refocusing our efforts. We encourage the community to continue sending positive messages to each other,” reads PlayStation On his website. At least you can’t say that Sony didn’t try. You can even get to know your teammate or even your opponent in games, if you’ve had a fair match with them (or against them). It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Warner’s Super Smash Bros. MultiVersus clone the “toast” idea of ​​the game from here. (Yes, for your toast, but here you have to consider the praise of Mortal Kombat, or rather one of the game currency that can be given and received from other players.)

So it wasn’t a bad idea, but maybe Sony didn’t take the necessary marketing seriously, because if it appeared to many people for the first time that the console had such a function, gamers wouldn’t be able to do it, because if they didn’t know the PlayStation 5 had Accolades, so we can’t blame them. Given the backlash, if Sony doesn’t announce the opportunity, don’t be surprised if players don’t use it either!

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The saddest thing about Accolades’ departure is that this feature was already in the PlayStation 5 when the console was launched. So, over a year and a half later, we’ve probably heard about it for the first time. So, there is only a round of sarcastic applause for Sony…

source: VG247

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