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I wish | A huge update has arrived for the PlayStation 5

I wish |  A huge update has arrived for the PlayStation 5

Sony has finally released the PlayStation 5 update that owners have been waiting for for months. No more whistling, you can have plenty of storage space instead!

09/13/2023 – Finally This huge update package has arrivedWhich PlayStation players have been waiting for for months. The weekdays for PS5 owners are a lot better now, as the great news announced at the end of July takes effect today.

What made many people sigh with relief was the ability to double up on M.2 SSDs. From today, our hands are no longer tied by the fact that we can only expand the device up to 4TB, we can now launch our favorite console up to 8TB of storage space. Moreover, from now on you can avoid asking our friend “Are you playing again?!” Comment when you hear the PlayStation beep when it starts up. The fact is that you can turn this sound off (or lower) in the settings, so if everything goes well, you won’t hear anything about it. Naturally, this also affects the whistle when turned off.

Another important innovation:

  • We can also use a second DualSense controller as an auxiliary controller, which will work just like the primary controller. Using this function, we can, for example, help children while playing a more difficult part without having to take the controller out of their hands.
  • You can also turn on haptic feedback in the PlayStation menu, which will make it easier for visually impaired players to navigate the system.
  • We can finally search for games in our library by title.
  • From now on, gamers using Dolby Atmos-compatible HDMI devices (speakers, home theater, and TV) will also get 3D sound effects powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech.
  • We can now invite others to a closed party without having to add the person to an existing or new group. We can also send out party invitations to complete the collections.
  • The game image shared in the group (Share Screen) will contain a preview image in which we can see what the person is on – so we can decide if we want to participate in watching it.
  • In your friends list, the Join icon will appear next to friends if they’re playing a game that can be brought together.
  • The PlayStation Game Hub is rich in a lot of useful information: we can find out how many competitions we have participated in, what positions we have achieved in them, and it will also indicate the date of the next competitions.
  • We will soon be able to reply with emojis in messages.
  • The in-game help functions will also be updated: we will be able to see previously available, current and upcoming activities. In addition, when you select the game help card (on the right side), achievable goals and corresponding tips are displayed. The new Discover Tips feature has also arrived, with which we can browse all kinds of tips and tricks.
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Although Sony spoke at the beginning of the beta about the possibility that not all the promoted innovations would be included in the new cycle, most of the novelties announced have been released today. We are very happy about that!

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