I will use the world’s most powerful mouse poison in Australia against a rodent infestation

The world’s most powerful mouse poison will be put up against a seemingly unstoppable rodent infestation by the Australian state of New South Wales, whose government has announced a $ 50 million (11.4 billion HUF) aid package for the agricultural sector that is infesting rats.

– Illustration – (Image: Pixabay)

After heavy rains last year, several states in Australia have been hit by a rat infestation that has not been seen in nearly four decades, which cannot be stopped due to the extremely cold winter weather. An endless number of rodents devour the crop, rats cause a lot of inconvenience to residents and even storm hospitals where they bite sick. Associated with rat reproduction, 23 of the 11 cases of leptospirosis that were discovered last year by April 23 of this year have already been diagnosed with a rare infectious disease, often spread by mice, that can cause kidney failure and meningitis.

Farmers and families can, among other things, purchase the mousetrap and rat poison from the state aid package.

The state of New South Wales is seeking permission to use the world’s most powerful mouse poison, the banned poison.

The mousetrap also affects Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.


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