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Houses are built underground because the air temperature at the top reaches 52°C (photos + video)
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Houses are built underground because the air temperature at the top reaches 52°C (photos + video)

Aug 28, 2023 – 12:32 p.m

A unique underground city located in the heart of South Australia. In Coober Pedy, an opal-mining town with a population of about 2,500, there are not only houses and apartments, but also museums, churches, taverns, and hotels. opcake.

-Illustration- (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

In Coober Pedy, the air temperature can go up to 52°C in the summer. This heat is so unbearable that birds fall from the sky and electronic devices have to be cooled.

Coober Pedy isn’t the only place in the world that solves unbearable weather problems in this way. Thousands of years ago, people moved underground in other places to escape the intense heat.

In 1963, a man searched his basement because his poultry had gone missing. It was soon revealed that the animals were hiding in a hole leading to an abandoned underground city that was once inhabited by 20,000 people.

The lost city of Derinkuyu was one of hundreds of cave dwellings and was built around 1000 BC. It was built around the eighth century. Permanently inhabited for thousands of years, it had its own ventilation mine, wells, stables, churches, warehouses, and there was an extensive underground housing network, which served as a shelter in case of invasion. Living underground helped the people of the region adapt to the continental climate, which oscillated between hot, dry summers and freezing and snowy winters.

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