Putin now finds himself facing a powerful new Asian opponent

The US, UK and Australia want to beat Japan for their new South Pacific Security Alliance (AUKUS). As reported by the conservative Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun, citing several government sources mentionedThe three countries have unofficially invited high-tech Japan to join the alliance due to its outstanding capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum technology.

Within the Japanese government, on the one hand, there are positive voices about participation. On the other hand, Japan is already cooperating at the bilateral level with the three League countries. In addition, Japan is unable to cooperate with nuclear submarines because it is under the protection of the US nuclear shield. It insists on the principle not to build or possess nuclear weapons and not to allow them to be placed on its soil.

There is another challenge that Vladimir Putin faces. Photo: MTI / EPA / Sputnik / Kremlin pool / Mikhail Kliment

Diplomatic attack

In Japan it is too Golden Week starts from April 29 to May 5 every year; It actually covers 4 national holidays that take place in one week. This week, Prime Minister Quesida Fumio will visit Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam – three major ASEAN countries – as well as two European destinations, the United Kingdom and Italy. Although flight destinations may change, the countries listed are no coincidence: all three ASEAN countries have complaints against China.

The two European countries share with Japan their concerns about Russia, as they are also members of the Group of Seven, but now there is more to it. The UK is moving towards a larger military presence in the Indo-Pacific, the most tangible representation of which was the voyage of the mother ship HMS Queen Elizabeth to the region last year. And Italy is one of the European countries quietly participating in the region, where the company “Fincantieri” will build frigates for the Indonesian Navy.

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