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Hornyak did not like the eight-minute extra time, “but Ando-Szabo is like that.”

Hornyak did not like the eight-minute extra time, “but Ando-Szabo is like that.”

Puskas Academy tied with Fehervár 2-2 in the fourth round of the OTP Bank League Football League. After the meeting, the two head coaches – Zsolt Horniak and Bartosz Grzelak – as well as Tamás Markek and Attila Fiola, gave their assessments to M4 Sport correspondent Henrietta Tschinger-Kuchka.

Ratings after the Puskás Académia-Fehérvár tournament

Psalm Hornyak After the match, he went to Sandor Ando-Szabó immediately, as he said, the extra time was not counted accurately as the referee said: “I was looking for the place where he found four extra minutes, but Ando-Zabo wished me a pleasant weekend.” – The Puskas Academy coach said, then moved on to the match itself:

“In the first half, we had 3-4 percent chances, and we should have won the game. This is football, and we should have scored more goals. We knew Fehervár would be dangerous in the second half, but it was clear that We must win the match.” – Hornyák evaluation.

Puskas Academia striker Lamine Kohli does the exact opposite of last season, this time also scoring a goal for his team: “He is dangerous because he is dangerous, he connects two people, and the opponent is also afraid of him, but if he cannot score, we will only suffer with him. If he had shot in his current position, the three points would have remained at home.” The manager said of his attacker.

Horniak is happy with the great start of the Puskas Academy, but at the moment he is not counting on the championship, saying that we are still at the beginning of the season.

“We got a well-deserved point. We could have got three points. We respect the opponent, but now we are the better team, and we deserved this draw.” Bartosz Grzelak Evaluation after Fehervár collected his first point of the season thanks to a goal scored in the 95th minute.

He also touched on the opponent’s striker, Lamine Kohli, who completely overpowered the defense before Puskas’s first goal: “He’s a good player, a lot of defenders had problems with him and we allowed him to use his physicality before the first goal. Then we’re back in the game.” Grzelak said.

The coach also confirmed that they scored a lot of goals in the first four rounds, and he does not like to excuse his players, but they played against excellent teams. It is hoped that the increasingly developed team spirit will improve the Swedish specialist’s defence

“I’m happy that we were not defeated, but it was painful to concede a goal in the last minutes. The first was a penalty kick, and unfortunately they conceded, and in the end it was a rebound shot. They were lucky.” He said Tamas Markic, a goalkeeper from Felscott, who met several former teammates, Balazs Toth and Kassaba Spandler, as opponents. – “This is life we ​​no longer play together, but I have a good relationship with both men, and I wish them a lot of success.”

“It was very important after the first three games, we wanted to get points, points. The second half it was 50-50, we played with a lot of mistakes, but I am happy that we equalized.” – This is already true Attila Viola Tell. The Fehervár captain was a member of the starting team for the first time after a long-term injury. – “My condition is not the best yet. I have trained with the team for two weeks, and I need the match, and I am trying to be in as good a condition as possible.”

As a lesson from the first goal received, he formulated only one thing: in such a situation, you must make a mistake at all costs.

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Puskas Academy – Fehervár 2–2

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