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The 22nd International Artists Camp in Szczyn has closed its doors

The 22nd International Artists Camp in Szczyn has closed its doors

After a year of absence, they came with pleasure and for a week they were created by local and international artists in Szugin. The camp may have been behind it for over two decades, but it can be said that it has gotten smaller and smaller over the years, as more and more young artists come to the Artist Colony in the summer in addition to the founding members.

At the camp’s closing exhibition, the village’s mayor, Zapoleks Meri, expressed his happiness that despite the situation caused by the virus, the artists’ camp had been set up with a record number of participants, which is one of the highlights of a village in the summer.

Founding member and current leader of the camp is iconic painter Giorgi Boloch Kony (Photo: Cornelia Perini)

As a result, Szőgyén’s contemporary gallery materials, which contain works donated by artists, have been expanding over the years. He estimated that among the themes, following the artists, the characteristics of the place also return.

Twenty-nine were created in this year’s camp: sixteen Hungarians, twelve mainland artists and one Serbian artist. The youngest was 17 years old and the oldest was 77 years old. In addition to the subjects of their choice, the theme of joint action was European. The work of local children and youth joined the theme of “Countries, Flags and People in the European Union”, and their work was shown in the closing exhibition. In addition to the joint work of the Scouts, their work was presented by Peter Decani, Aniko Lashko and David Nietray.

Connie Boloch Giorgi, an icon painter and art educator from Szentendre, thanked the organizers, hosts and participants for this successful and professional week.

He remembered the founding members who were no longer from the neighborhoods, including the former leader of the camp, the painter Janus Kantor of Esztergom, and Ernie Koxes, a prominent figure in the Highlands, and all those whose memory is preserved in his gallery in Szőgyen.

The artists’ camp featured diversity, making coexistence and Szőgyén’s life special for a week. Participants came from a variety of places, created on a variety of themes and techniques, and represented a variety of ages, and each person brought their individuality into that diversity. This diversity is represented in the quality of the work that has been done these days and the works that have been shown that the audience was able to admire in the closing exhibition,” said the camp leader in the professional evaluation.

Finally, he closed the camp with this idea and bid farewell to the exhibitors:

“In the words of Mother Teresa, we feel that what we are doing is just a drop in an ocean. However, without landing, the sea would be shallow. Joining the idea, I can say that the fine arts would be less without the creative camp at Szugin.”

(Kornélia Berényi / Felvidé

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