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He returned the property he found, and with it he was able to destroy his life

He returned the property he found, and with it he was able to destroy his life

Hero It is about an ordinary man who does good and gets the punishment he deserves. Oscar-nominated and Oscar-nominated Asghar Farhadi’s latest masterpiece fits every controversy, however one would opt for the shorter one, which makes it very exciting. Cash.

A cheerful man ready for work arrives at a construction site. The millennia-old Persian rock walls are being restored which is breathtaking, but in Iran it is part of the fashion, you can catch a glimpse of it in the morning rush hour. Raheem can’t enjoy it for long either. No matter what space is open in front of you, you can only enjoy your freedom for a short time. He was forced to return to the debtors’ prison two days later, from which he could only be released for a short time. In the meantime, he wants to get money to pay off his debts, and he already has a plan.

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Recognized by the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, it is expected to reach the minimum Oscars this year. Hero It’s the kind of movie that puts the central character really in a rut of rhythm, and then pushes her even deeper over the next two hours. But at first it seems he has the money to replace Rahim: his girlfriend finds an old coin in a bag that can sell at least half of his debt. At least he thinks so, but then it turns out that he will not get enough coins, and his conscience is also not clear, so he prefers to publish some street with the news of finding the bag and returning the coins to its owner in one day. In prison, they learn how generous Rahim was and make him a minor media frenzy: behold, the hero who, even in prison in the debtors’ prison, would rather return the money he found. Rahim’s concern will gradually become more and more pregnant.

Inevitably, small ears and more serious lies will be exposed, the man’s family relations will be strained, and in the end he will have to protect the rest of his dignity and dignity with his nails. Even if there is good that has been replaced by much evil, it does not happen to us.

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Iranian Asghar Farhadi Carefully, and with great care, he weaves the web around the most tight and stifling Raheem. The director has extensive experience in presenting complex moral conflicts and crime stories. He has also had success at festivals with his previous films, but rose to the fore in world cinema in 2012 when he won an Oscar for his most famous film to date, Nader and Semen – Divorce Storywith. By then, as a creator, Farhadi had infiltrated the world he loves to photograph around: the Iranian middle-class environment, constrained not only by dictatorship but also by religious norms and tensions in modern society, while leaving room for joy. Generosity and also for a moment of calm. The characters in the hero are a little poorer and more shabby than Rare is Siminyou are in the customerNot to mention Farhadi’s French and Spanish films, but the director once again shows the reality of the contested characters with an unmistakable dramatic sense.

former, Penelope Cruz Movie title starring Everyone knowsAnd HeroIt could have been Everyone is right. Rahim is right, who, following the instructions of the prison director, silences the whole truth about the televisions and then tries to explain it. Her creditor, who spent her daughter’s dowry on Raheem’s bankrupt trade at the time, is right, and now she does not want to save a fraction of the money she is owed under the pressure of public opinion, and Rahim, the head of a charity that raises money, is right about the man involved in the theft. Spend our hard-earned donations.

Hero It promises scathing excitement not because of a crime waiting to be solved – in fact, no one commits a crime in the story – but by the way it bumps into situations and puts Rahim, who longs for a better fortune, in an increasingly vulnerable position. Position with frightening logic.

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Behind the world-famous Farhadi, of course, is a colorful flower of Iranian representatives, whose names we do not even know in Europe, only occasionally, in a completely arbitrary way, we save a person who does such an impeccable job. ejaculate. who saw the Rare is SiminR, you probably still remember playing the title characters Laila Hatami And Biman Maadi He looked up, dead tired. HeroA player who plays Raheem can stay with us in the same way new prince Hopeless optimism, or merciful creditor formation, Bahram mohsen tanbanda Project Rage. Their characters tense up in meticulously decorated homes, offices and stores in Tehran, giving Western viewers undeniable credit for Farhadi’s film. Each apartment is like living in it for decades – if we spent a little more time in Sister Rahim’s kitchen, it might turn out that the sink was clogged.

Farhadi has blasted himself into tight-knit action thrillers and is heading toward a worthy punishment for sinners Hero Date. There are no culprits in his movie alone. If they are, then we all are. Hero He could be a satire, but he views the characters not with sarcasm but with pity. Never the worst start of the year at the cinema.

The Champion (Kahraman), 2021, 127 min. rating: 9/10.

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