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Robert Koltai has been sidelined before having brain surgery, and he owes his life to his partner

Robert Koltai has been sidelined before having brain surgery, and he owes his life to his partner

The 80-year-old actor is going through a tough time.

Robert Koltai In early 2023, he underwent serious brain surgery. Now Joshi revealed to Bharat A Radio in Busan The heating, a man and a woman In offering that his partner, Ildico gal He owes his life to the director, as he was treated badly before the operation – A. writes Pepper.

Robert Koltai

Robert Koltai and his partner – Photo: MTI/Péter Komka

“I can thank Ildiko for everything! Something went wrong, that is, they thought I had a different problem than what actually happened. They treated me for it. Ildy noticed that something was wrong. If he hadn’t been so violent about it, I wouldn’t have been here anymore.”“It hasn’t been good for a long time, now,” Koltai admitted, adding.

Ildiko Jal Joshi told Bharath that she visits him twice a day in the hospital. On one occasion, Koltai, who was lying in the ward, claimed that he had performed at the theater in Zalajerzej the day before, and had fellow patients and nurses with him, even though he had not been able to walk even at that time. “I came crying because he kept insisting he was really there.” He rebounded.

As is known, a drainage tube was implanted in the actor's head to help in the proper flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This intervention was also necessary because he could barely walk and spoke with long pauses. At first, doctors suspected Parkinson's disease and a benign tumor, but it turned out to be something else entirely. According to his partner, he's been doing really well since the brain surgery. “Since the intervention, my memory is quite good, and my mobility has recovered, in fact, I usually walk 3-4 kilometres.”– Reported a few months ago by Robert Koltai, who at that time also revealed that the surveillance examination after the first year ended with positive results.

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