This week, a real super bomber is flying into cinemas

Jessica Green does excellent not only as an actress, but also as a lingerie and swimwear model, which is no wonder, as she looks as if she’s been put together in a petri dish by radical genetic surgeons.

She got her first movie role thanks to the fact that she was not only beautiful at the age of 19, but also studied martial arts, so in 2012 she was awarded lightning point One of the main roles in the teen series. Since then, he has appeared in many series, TV, and movies, and is still active today. Until now, maybe outpost Most people noticed it because of the series, but Netflix Roman Empire She could also play Cleopatra in the series, which also made men’s eyes sparkle.

As the protagonist of The Outpost

Until now, she’s been known more for her TV roles, but now the dice may roll, because last year Jessica was honored to be cast by Ben Affleck. air In his film, which is about how the legendary sneaker, the Air Jordan, made Nike one of the most valuable brands in the world. This is undoubtedly the highlight of the lady’s acting career so far, and the movie also hit our cinemas this week.

Here, Green could play with stars like Affleck himself, one of his best friends, Matt Damon, or Jason Bateman, whose face you’ve definitely seen in many movies. Of course Jessica’s name didn’t appear on the posters, she only plays a minor role, but for us she sure is air One of its main characters.

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Seen here at the film’s premiere in LA…

… But thanks to Instagram, we can give you much more adorable photos of the actress who turns 30 this year.

It is also worth knowing about Jessica that due to her background as a martial artist, she usually does the most dangerous stunts herself in her movies.

We hope so air It could mean a huge breakthrough for him, because in this case we can see him more and more on the big screen. So be it!

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