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Great places where you can clearly see the fireworks on August 20 in Budapest

Great places where you can clearly see the fireworks on August 20 in Budapest

The largest fireworks display in Europe will take place on August 20 in Budapest. We have collected the best sites for watching fireworks, from which the view will be simply amazing.

Fireworks on St. Stephen’s Day have become a kind of symbol of Hungary, which many people see right away and in front of their TV screens. The fireworks, which can be admired along the Margate Bridge to Petofi Bridge, are complemented by a pictorial light-painting of Parliament and buildings on the Danube and a drone display.

During the parade, 34,000 pyrotechnics illuminate the sky from 230 springboards, as well as from 7 river barges and many pontoons.

The fireworks will end with the usual Greek bonfires, but it will also be innovative with the effects of floating fireworks floating on water surfaces.

The concept of this year’s program once again sums up the history of our nation since ancient times, from a new perspective of how, thanks to the deeds of St. Stephen, the pagan land of Hungary was transformed into a Christian European country, the Kingdom of Mari. Before King Istvan died, he placed his country in the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who, according to church tradition, has been protecting our country as the patron saint of Hungarians ever since.

Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

But where should you watch the fireworks in Budapest? Here are the tips:


It was a light show this time, too From the docks between Margaret Bridge and Petofi Bridge It would be possible to see it better, providing a perfect view of both the rockets in the sky and the buildings affected by the photogram.

However, you must make sure that not a single pin can be dropped in this place, already in the hour before the start.

This year, fireworks will be launched into the air from the locations of previous years, that is, on the side of Pest, id. The sky show can be best viewed from the Josef Antal and Jane Haining docks, and on the Buda side from the Gabor Stehlo dock and the Friedrich Born dock.

the Quay Applied Science University It will be completely emptied again this year, as the Road Movie Live stage will be held here several times, where you can also see free concerts. Before the fireworks this year, Tankcsapda will take the stage.

On both sides of the Chain Bridge

If we were to actually take our place in the afternoon, it might be a perfect choice Clark Ádám tér or Széchenyi István tér on the other side of the Chain Bridge. In these places, you can even spread a blanket to pass the time more comfortably until 9 pm.

A bigger crowd is to be expected on the Buda side, as most people arrive at Clark Ádám tér from Buda Castle, and the always popular funicular also starts from here.

August 20 fireworks in Budapest
Photo: AFP

Margaret Bridge, Petofi Bridge, Buda Castle

most determined a Margaret Bridge, Petofi Bridge, or Buda Castle You can also go to the festive game, but you need to be ready to take the best standing seats by noon. It is also important to note here that the Szabadság and Erzsébet bridges will be springboards, so they will be closed.

However, it will not be possible to take a stroll on the free bridges, as they are not closed to vehicular traffic. Those watching the fireworks from here should be prepared to stand up and reserve the best seats.

Buda mountains

If you want to choose a special site to watch the fireworks, it can be a good choice Normafa, or even the tomb of Gul Baba. A large crowd can also be expected on Gellért Hill, and because of the castle’s renovation, the top of the hill has also been closed to walkers.

It can also be a good choice Philosopher’s Garden, where you can view the show from a limited but undoubtedly unique perspective. In addition, you can have a picnic here right up to the start, so it’s also a good choice for those who come with young children.

Panorama for those who like to hike

For those who want to walk a bit to see this year’s fireworks from a really special place, we recommend it János Mountain and Erzsébet at its summit. Since the space here is also very limited, it is worth stopping by the panoramic places already in the morning.

It can be a little more relaxing than this Széchenyi memorial in Svábhegy and surrounding areas. Harmashatar Hiji is for those who are willing to travel longer distances. There is a perfect view of the capital from the Károly Guckler Observatory, as well as from several vantage points from which you can watch the fireworks in full.

whale and its surroundings

For those who want to avoid the crowds, it is right next to Bálna On the coast of Nerho Events can also be followed. It’s true that you probably can’t see the entire drone and light show from here, but there’s something for a reason.

However, given the grass and trees between the Petőfi Bridge and Bálna, you don’t have to worry about lounging in the blazing sun in exchange for being able to watch the 30-minute show. We can spend the time away comfortably waiting on the spread blanket.

August 20 fireworks in Budapest
Photo: AFP

Exclusive places for a lot of money

If you do not want to spend money and avoid crowds, then book a table on the rooftop terrace of one of the nearby hotels, where you can calmly watch the fireworks with a refreshing drink. Places here fill up pretty quickly, so it’s worth booking a table in time. These include 360 ​​Bar, Hilton Budapest Varnished or St. Andrea Wines and Sky Bar.

But we can also find many terraces near the Danube. This is the aforementioned Bálna, or the Kiosk at the foot of the Elizabeth Bridge, or the A38 bobbing on the river.

What will the weather be like on August 20?

according to expectations On Sunday, August 20, the weather will be sunny with few cumulus clouds and no rain. The north wind picks up in places. The minimum temperature is likely to be between 16 and 23 degrees, and the maximum value between 31 and 35 degrees.

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