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Gabor Krausz's recording goes viral, and the star chef was photographed in an unexpected location, and nothing was said about him

Gabor Krausz's recording goes viral, and the star chef was photographed in an unexpected location, and nothing was said about him

Recently, there has been a lot of news about Gabor Krausz and Gaby Toth, and now a lot of articles are also being published about the new relationship of Anna Meeks. Previously, Gabor Krausz and Gabi Toth also conducted very large interviews with Mandiner, which then unleashed a veritable flood of content on social media and in various newspaper columns, so apart from some details, we will hear a lot about the soundtrack from these interviews. .

In this interview, Hungary was able to learn a lot of interesting things that we had not heard about Gabor Krausz before, and one of these recurring topics was football, and Gabor Krausz was influenced by both local and international waters.

Regarding Gabor Krausz In this interview on Mandin So there was a lot of talk about football, among others the names of Dominik Szoboszlai and Marco Rossi appeared in the conversation, the chef said about Marco Rossi that he is a real leader and that he watches football because it is good to support it. Regarding Szoboszlai, we also learned that Gabor Krausz is a Manchester United fan, so he joked in the interview that when he found out about his move to Liverpool, the hair on his back stood up.

But who does Gabor Kraus support here, and which football team is his favorite?

Anna Meeks stunned everyone with her naked and proud figure, and Gabby Toth could also be overcome with yellow envy after seeing her perfect figure.

We also learned from the interview that Gabor Kraus is a Faradian. And now a video has also appeared on the Internet, in which Csuti shows Fradi's dressing room, and then Gábor Krausz suddenly appears in the video, wearing a green jacket. Csuti has long been known to be a big fan of Fradi, even naming her little dog Fradika.

So, you can also see what Freddie's dressing room looks like, and you can get a behind-the-scenes insight into a fleeting moment, in the company of two celebrities.

In the video that By clicking here The available Csuti even joked when the camera was pointed at Kraus:

“And the new certificate! He doesn't just dance, he spins too.”

This photo was posted on Gabor Krausz's page:

(via Major cities)

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