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Fraudsters took a loan in the name of a retired man and the bank is demanding that he return a debt of nearly six million

Fraudsters took a loan in the name of a retired man and the bank is demanding that he return a debt of nearly six million

2023. November 25 – 19:19

In the name of a 68-year-old pensioner from Tapiusak, the scammers borrowed nearly four million forints after they took control of his machine, and according to his bank, they did nothing wrong in the case, so they are asking the man to come back. loan, He writes RTL Club.

The man invested a small amount three years ago, and then this year he received a phone call: a scammer called him and told him that he would receive four million forints for his invested money. Therefore, the fraudster asked to be given access to the man’s machine, as he wanted to “make sure the money arrived.” The pensioner handed over control of his machine, and the fraudster hung up.

Then the man from Tapiusak received a notification that nearly four million forints had been withdrawn in his name through the machine. The amount was immediately transferred to the UK. Since then, the bank has asked the pensioner to return the loan of nearly six million, even if the man did not sign any contract to obtain the loan: but, according to the bank, the man made a mistake because he allowed the fraudsters to take control of the loan. airplane.

“The bank is aware that the loan application and approval came from the customer,” OTP Bank’s communications department said on the issue. According to Magyar Nemzeti Bank, this will not be enough from January, and they expect banks to confirm who is getting the loan – if they don’t, they cannot request a refund from the victim. Magyar Nemzeti Bank also added: The bank cannot reject a customer’s claim for compensation simply because it deems that the customer’s PIN or netbank has been used for authentication.

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