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Fifth place in Szombathely gives Csaba Kontás from Komarom a World Championship start

Fifth place in Szombathely gives Csaba Kontás from Komarom a World Championship start

Csaba Kontás secured a prestigious fifth place at the European Lightweight Strongman Championships in Szombathely. Thus, the North Komarom athlete qualified for the World Championship in the field of best competitors under 105 kg. He even shed tears of success.

“The first day was surprisingly good, and second place in the truck pull was very good,” Csaba Kontas told Prémium Média after the competition. – In the process of pulling, I got to the middle of the field, and the pressure on the register was the only one that did not work. “For the second number, I thought two of my favorite numbers, the pinned barrel and the roll, would also be coming, so I was hoping I could advance overall.”

A total of thirteen competitors from eight countries competed in the European Lightweight Championship organized by the organizers of the powerful European Champions League (SCL).

The two-day competition included traditional strongman numbers, truck pulls, log presses, car pulls, bag carries, swing weights, cross poses, and particularly challenging barrel packing.

And in the latter, in addition to traditional beer, there is an oil-free barrel – weighing 160 kilograms in both cases.

Kontas excelled in the latter, collecting many points ahead of its competitors at the beginning of the competition.

Csaba Kontás carries a bag (picture: Premium Sports & Media Management Zrt.)

“I'm very happy with fifth place. Even more so, because before the end, sixth seemed realistic. On the other hand, the cask filling team got second place, being overtaken overall. What makes it even more valuable is that even though according to the ad Originally, the top four would qualify for next month's World Championship, but I was also invited to the SCL World Championship.

Depending on the current situation, there could be two runs in the competition in Finland, scheduled for the first weekend of June. In Szombathely, András Gado, who is involved in organizational work, also received a share.

“The competition is expected to be very tough at the World Cup, I would like to say in advance that I will try to bring the midfield there as well! I do what I can. I admit that I was very happy with the invitation, I even started to cry,” revealed Xaba Kontas after the success. .

In the end, the European Championship title went to Poland's Przemyslaw Marczewski, who also beat Czech Jiri Tkadlec in the barrel-filling. Finnish Robert Berkio, who had a great battle with Jado, was able to take third place on the podium.

“I can say that the Hungarians started the competition well and there was no problem on Saturday either. Zoltán Pap excelled in the pull-up, reaching 11 repetitions and moving well overall – assessed by Ákos Nagy, former Champions League strongman and coordinator Professional of the European Championship. – Csaba Kontas, from North Komarom, has proven once again that he is a very great fighter, a Hungarian boy in every sense of the word. András Gadó has been one of, if not the best, lightweight contenders in our country for many years, and he once again proved it. Others as the savior of Szombathely They are our top three competitors in the U105 category, who stood up well in this very strong international field. Seeing the performance of the foreigners, we cannot say a single bad word, the Polish Przemyslaw Marczewski, who won the overall race, showed racing. “Amazing. The only thing I regret is that our Finnish champion, Mikko Annala, was injured on the first day, so the battle for the gold medal couldn't be brighter.”

(Distinguished Media and Sports Management Zrt./Felvidé

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