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Feathered boa, flames, origami, invisible or special Qatar World Cup jerseys

Feathered boa, flames, origami, invisible or special Qatar World Cup jerseys

We will see several special jerseys at the World Cup in Qatar starting on Sunday. Before starting, we planned the line-up and picked a few combinations/pieces from it based on these and such aspects.

Being one of the most watched sporting events in the world, plus of course the teams, shirt manufacturers are always preparing for the World Cup. It is no different in the case of the World Cup in Qatar, where we will see only one team (Canada) in its usual equipment, while it will have 31 new teams specially designed for this tournament by its sponsor.

Nine brands grace 32 national teams and, not surprisingly, are the top three manufacturers: Nike leads the ranking with 13, Adidas with seven second, and Puma follows them with six.

Six smaller companies are responsible for the jerseys of the remaining six teams: Denmark provided by Hummel, Ecuador by Marathon, Iran by Majid, Tunisia by Kappa, Costa Rica by New Balance and Cameroon by One All Sports.

As for the number one jersey colour, red is the dominant colour, 13 of 32 (41%) teams will wear it, white is the second most popular (9), blue is the third (4), the yellow/orange camp is chosen by four increments, while Two wears a green uniform as a “pathfinder”.

Since all but one of the national teams have received new World Cup jerseys, we naturally find something new in all of them. We can mention, for example, the red jersey of England reminiscent of the 1996 European Championship, or the vibrant orange jersey of the Dutch, the kit of the Brazilians, which looks as if Jaguars have gone through it, and the number two. Native American shirt. We’ve highlighted a few that stand out from the crowd in some way.


A direct example of this is that a T-shirt is not necessarily unique because of its appearance. The collection of Argentines is mainly due to the materials used to make it.

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Adidas has made it 50% of its ocean plastic waste recycled by environmental conservation organization Parley for the Oceans.

That’s why we can’t pass up their second (guest) jersey either, which was so disturbing with the purple shade and flames.


Speaking of flames… At first glance, the Belgium national team’s first jersey looks traditional, until you notice the flames on the sleeves, which designers use to refer to the team’s nickname, the Red Devils.

The second number is also special, but it was not spectacular, although it was inspired by the famous fireworks of the Tomorrowland music festival that took place in the summer near Antwerp, in collaboration with the Belgian Assembly.

Costa Rica (New Balance)

A one-team brand, New Balance, wanted to stand out with its materials and production technology.

The Central American national team will wear shirts made from 100% recycled polyester, which are designed to wick away as much moisture as possible, maximizing players’ comfort in the expected temperatures in Qatar.


“We don’t want to be seen in a tournament that has claimed thousands of lives.”

Hummel, the maker of sports equipment for the Danish national team, explained at the time Why did you design such a group?on which (obviously unusual for a manufacturer) the trademark is barely visible, and the company’s distinctive arrows and association logo also blend into the background.

The Danish company, in consultation and agreement with the union, decided the issue of “invisibility”, thus protesting the violation of basic human rights in Qatar and drawing attention to the poor working conditions of guest workers (More than 6,000 workers are said to have died During the construction of the infrastructure for the World Cup, albeit only according to FIFA Three lost their lives).

South Korea (Nike)

In contrast to Adidas, the designers at Nike, a big competitor, didn’t let their imaginations run wild when they created the World Cup jerseys. Let’s just say that this is not true of the second assembly of the South Korean national team.

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The pattern, which evokes blue, red, and yellow brush strokes on a black background, is completely unique to the tournament. Although the naysayers thought it looked like a bus seat cover, the manufacturer’s intention was to rethink the symbol on the country’s flag.


Not surprisingly, the focus is on tradition in the design of the Far East national team’s jersey collection.

Looking at the home jersey, the crane motif is striking, which refers to the art of paper folding, origami of Japanese origin.

The discerning eye can also see that the designers took inspiration from Sashiko, the traditional sewing technique for the national costume, the kimono.

Cameroon (one for all sports)

The Cameroonian group was not included in the list because of its beauty, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

The African team changed the supplier of the shirt not long before the tournament, moreover, they chose a brand that is not known in the football world.

Instead of Le Coq Sportif, the jerseys are now produced by One All Sports, known primarily for motorsports, whose design perhaps shows inexperience.

Mexico (Adidas)

Mexico’s national team jerseys are not made in simple style, and the officials who designed perhaps the most spectacular kit of the Central American World Cup have stuck to this.

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The detailed pattern on the shirts references the art of the indigenous Indians, Mixtecs, and ancient civilizations of Mexico, evoking, among other things, the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. If you ask us, it’s a masterpiece.

Portugal (Nike)

They put on the flag – this is the motto of the Portuguese kit, and not by chance. It really feels like they took the country’s flag and made it into a football jersey, so they hit the mark.

They also added some spice to the second kit by making the home color an off-white, making it stand out from the many white jerseys.

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