Much of the Czech Republic stops for two weeks

Much of the Czech Republic stops for two weeks

Anyone who is required to be quarantined in a specific hotel for a period of two weeks can be quarantined so as not to put their family members at risk.

Health Minister Roman Primula announced, after an extraordinary meeting of the Czech government in Prague on Thursday, that from next Monday, more austerity measures will be taken in public life, culture, sports and education due to the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic. In the Czech Republic, cultural and sports life will be suspended for two weeks, theaters and cinemas will be closed, as will zoos, entertainment centers and spas close. They also suspend professional football and hockey leagues, as well as other national leagues, except for pre-scheduled international matches. Restaurants should close by 8 pm on Fridays at the latest. Up to four people can sit at a table, and only two are in the mall restaurants. In the upper grades of elementary school, half of the students can always be in class, while the other half participate in distance learning.

With strict adherence to the mask wearing regulations, a maximum of ten can be collected indoors and a maximum of twenty outdoors. The customer service desk can be open two days a week. For people under quarantine, the Czech authorities allow them to spend this time in complete isolation, not in their homes, but in a specific hotel, so as not to put their family members at risk. The use of separation will be optional. In the Czech Republic, more than 1,700 people infected with the Coronavirus are currently being treated in hospital, and more than 350 people require a ventilator, and by Thursday afternoon, nearly 850 people have died since the outbreak began in the spring. Prime Minister André Babis and Roman Primula discussed next steps with opposition party leaders on Thursday. The situation is very dangerous, so they are trying to stop the spread of the virus by working together away from the political competition.

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