Farming Simulator arrives with 22 seasons and machine innovations!

Farming Simulator arrives with 22 seasons and machine innovations!

Of course, there will be a new farming simulator again this year – where we can continue virtual farming on the new consoles.

More farming simulators will come this year, but few can approach the success of the Farming Simulator series.

Despite all the efforts, Techland’s Pure Farming couldn’t squeeze out the GIANTS Software chain, so the king of farming simulators doesn’t have to fear the competition.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Farming Simulator will arrive on 22 PCs, Playgrounds, Macs, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, and will be published and developed by GIANTS.

In this year’s series, we will be able to play on 8-player consoles, on PC and on Stadia in 16-player multiplayer mode, produce new crops, visit new landscapes, and use brand new machines.

The seasons will witness exciting challenges, but we can also expect more novelties.

The developers promise more freedom, with more than 400 machines and equipment, with two new maps and a redesigned Alpine Erlengrat map.

Artificial intelligence will also improve, the world will be richer in detail, the tractor engine sounds will be more realistic, and the overall performance will improve.

Source: Game Star

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