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Bloodborne Remastered Finally Coming?!  It is said to be coming to PS5 and the year of release is also known!

Bloodborne Remastered Finally Coming?! It is said to be coming to PS5 and the year of release is also known!

Bloodborne fans have long been calling for a remastered version that takes advantage of new generation hardware performance. Now a leaker has revealed that the remastered version will come in 2025, which will not only be more beautiful but also include new content.

Bloodborne was one of the best games on PlayStation 4 made by FromSoftware. The game takes place in a dark gothic world where players fight against monsters and other horrors while discovering the secrets of the city of Yharnam. The game features stunning graphics, atmospheric music, challenging combat system, and an exciting storyline.

The game was released in 2015, and since then many have been hoping that one day it will get its own mod version that will make better use of the capabilities of the new generation of consoles. Rumors of a remaster have been circulating online for years, but no official announcement has been made yet. But now, a new source says that the remaster of Bloodborne will be coming to PlayStation 5 in 2025.

The leaker in question, “I’m a Hero Too”, has already proven its credibility by revealing the existence of Persona 3 Reload even before the official announcement. It also touched on the yet-to-be-announced remake of Final Fantasy IX. Recently, on the Snitch Discord server, he shared some interesting information about future Sony Interactive Entertainment projects and more. Regarding Bloodborne, the leaker said that a remaster is already in the works and is targeting a release date of 2025, which makes sense, since that is when the game celebrates its 10th anniversary. Development, like the remake of Horizon Zero Dawn, is being led by studio Nixxes rather than Bluepoint Games, which is working on two other projects. In addition, an A1 anime series based on an RPG from FromSoftware is in the works.

With the remaster of Bloodborne at least two years away, it’s unlikely we’ll see it anytime soon, even at this month’s State of Play event. The September 2023 event, like last year, will focus on developments from Asian studios, which isn’t surprising given that Tokyo Game Show 2023 is also taking place this month. One of the games that may be featured at the event is the open world game: The Perceiver.

The leaker also shared information about other Sony projects besides the Bloodborne remake, including new IPs from Santa Monica Studio and Naughty Dog, as well as new collaborations with Marvel. He also revealed some new details about Kingdom Hearts 4. Since the game has only been seen on PlayStation 5, just like Persona 6, there is a possibility that both of them are PS5 exclusive titles. According to the leaker, we’ll next see the fourth installment of the series in a trailer focused on Riku.

In general, while a remaster of Bloodborne has been rumored for a long time, any newly released information should be treated with caution. However, the leak has already been proven true many times, so there is a possibility that we may be able to return to Yharnam again in the future to relive the thrill of hunting, like never before.

source: WCCFTECH

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