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Farmer Gergő revealed whether he and Kira are still together

Farmer Gergő revealed whether he and Kira are still together

At the end of the show, the farmer said that he fell in love with the girl.

And it ended on Friday The farmer will marry The new season that Greg And Joseph is a farmer They also interviewed the RTL crew. Previous during the conversation He saidHe enjoyed filming the show but regrets it I am mortal He also chose him as one of his candidates.

It really bothered me that others didn’t feel comfortable with me and I couldn’t get to know them well enough. This put them in an unpleasant situation, but let’s not get into that, that is in the past. I don’t want to spoil it, it doesn’t make any sense

– said Gergo, who decided to send Fanny home one evening, among other things, because he had a feeling that his daughter was malicious and trying to undermine the chances of her rivals.

The farmer also revealed this With Kira They had been together for five months, and she had also accompanied him to her sister’s wedding. They are currently living at Kira’s house, where there is less work on his farm during the cold season. As he said, the person he chose is the same in private as in the group, and their relationship is going well.

As for getting to know other farmers, Gergo said that if Kira had not been among his candidates, it is not certain that he would have stayed with the girl he would take on his dream date if there was not enough chemistry between them.

If someone breaks up with their partner after that, I can’t stop them, they weren’t as lucky as me. I can put my hands together for Kira. By the way, I’m curious about Kevin’s family, whether they’ll stay together. It’s as if I see a little space between them. We are told that we lick and eat each other, but we have no barriers. I see them like this

he added.

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