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Every year, Kriszta Polgár travels to America carrying one and a half bags of Hungarian spices.

Every year, Kriszta Polgár travels to America carrying one and a half bags of Hungarian spices.

When he comes home, he puts presents in the empty spaces, and brings them to the half of his family who live in the house and to his friends.

Christa Polgar He has been living with his family in the United States for years, but they visit Hungary regularly in the summer. This year’s holiday will end in three days, after which they will set off again to America, where school begins for their children in mid-August.

Today’s model is breakfast was a guest, who revealed that he often cooks at home, and his family’s favorite is chicken paprikash, but he can’t find ingredients for this dish in a Texas store. Therefore, before they return, he tries to stock up on as many Hungarian spices as possible so that his stock will last as long as possible.

In fact, when we get home, my bag looks like I brought a lot of gifts for family and friends, and when I get back, it looks like I’ve filled about a bag and a half of spices. I really like to cook Hungarian dishes, but I don’t have the ingredients

It is to explain.

Polgár added that his daughter will also soon be in a foster home: just as his children were before, so now Lana He will also start walking at the age of 2, and will be groomed after 2-3 1/2 days a week. She doesn’t know what the model will do in her spare time, but she has many plans. Before going on maternity leave, she completed several courses in America and also worked in a health center. Now, however, it is possible for him to try himself in a completely new field.

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