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Ervin Nagy forcefully jumped on Philip Rakai's throat and attacked Megaphone as well

Ervin Nagy forcefully jumped on Philip Rakai's throat and attacked Megaphone as well

Felix Velhveze found himself in a very difficult situation. Because on New Year's Eve, like many people, he made some resolutions about what he would or wouldn't do in the new year. One of these promises, for example, was that he would write no more about the actor Irvin Nagy. However, the Sztárbox star showed his white teeth again, forcing the journalist to go back on his promise in this regard. The hot-voiced leftist actor likes to appear on various leftist forums, and never misses an opportunity when he has a chance to fire the government or people close to the government. This time he gave an interview to Inpodapstem, a portal run by the Budapest Municipality, where he attacked the speakers without batting an eye, then jumped down Filip Rakai's throat:

“Look, I don't think I'm some mean-spirited degenerate who stands up to court cases every four years in the hope that a country theater guy will fall for it, but I think I'm an active person who serves his career with integrity, and who's not guided by malicious fear when he opens his mouth. And the boys of the Recipe who They carry megaphones, and who are not listed anywhere on the right, to wipe their muddy shoes on anyone anyway, which they apparently do with enthusiasm. They get paid to be character killers. To ruin people's lives every day. I wonder what their grandchildren will think “But as long as half the country takes selfies with me, I'll be happy to see what they write about me.”

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