Liz Truss becomes the new British Prime Minister

Liz Truss becomes the new British Prime Minister

Les Truss The Foreign Secretary has been elected as the new leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party to be the next British Prime Minister – Writes Watchman.

Truss is the third female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher And the Theresa May after, after. outgoing prime minister, Boris Johnson He has been in the position since 2019 and resigned in July.

The new party leader was elected by nearly 160,000 members by mail or electronically, and the result was Sir Graham BradyOn Monday he was announced Chairman of the 1922 Committee, the collegiate body also responsible for organizing the Conservative Party leadership elections. On Tuesday, Truss will host his summer residence in Balmoral, Scotland II. Elizabeth Queen, as he is officially appointed to head the government.

As we wrote earlier, Truss, who was elected to the House of Commons in 2010, has held the positions of Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Women and Equal Opportunity concurrently, but has also dealt with environmental protection and finance. and foreign trade issues. In 2016, he said he would like Great Britain to remain a member of the European Union, because the union helps children grow up in a healthy environment. In 2017, he already spoke about the fact that Brexit did not bring as many disadvantages as they expected, but instead brought more “new opportunities”.

Peter Morrison / AP / MTI This August 16, 2022 file photo shows a mural in Belfast depicting former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (b), who is running for leadership of the British Conservative Party, and current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss at the door of the Prime Minister’s office. Accommodation in London.

Truss, who was originally a Liberal Democrat, joined the Conservative Party at the age of 21 and described her parents as even to the left of the Labor Party. Truss likes to present himself as a follower of Margaret Thatcher and has previously been described as a possible successor to Johnson.

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Although dozens of candidates originally ran for prime minister, the number of candidates for Johnson’s seat fell to two during a vote among Conservative members of the British House of Commons. next to gears to Rishi Sun The former finance minister remained in the race, who was considered the front-runner until mid-July, but was then overtaken by his rival, and on the day the results were announced, the bookmakers gave only a 2% chance of Sun being second.

According to the official results, Truss received 81,326 votes and Sun received 60,399 votes.

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