The national average gross salary last year was 45,259 kroner, 746,773 forints.

From next January, the monthly salary of teachers in the Czech Republic will increase to at least 130 percent of the national average gross salary. After earlier approval by the House of Representatives, the Senate also approved the proposal on Thursday. Now only the signature of the head of state is required for the legislation to enter into force.

In the 81-member Senate, the government coalition proposal has the support of 40 of the 62 senators.

In the Czech Republic, the average monthly salary of a primary and secondary school teacher last year was 48,204 kroner (795,366 HUF), which is 113 percent of the national average salary. The average national salary last year was 45,259 kroner (746,773 Ft). University and college teachers are paid according to different rules.

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Education Minister Mikolas Beck said in the parliamentary debate that details would be worked out with the education unions. Jiri Rosica, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, has stated that 3.9% of the Czech budget is currently spent on education, which he considers insufficient. The senator pointed out that this rate in the member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is 4.9 percent.


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