Just in time for the opening of the gifts, Apple has published a video in which it shares ten useful tips, which, in addition to new iPhone users, can also be enjoyed by those who have been using the manufacturer’s mobile phone for a long time.

Apple’s iPhone tips will come in handy for those who just got a new phone for Christmas. iOS 16, that is, the latest operating system from Apple, is most likely running on it, and tips are also related to this system. Regardless of the video (which you can watch at the bottom of our article), we summarize Apple’s recommendations in a few sentences.

1. If you select an object in a photo in the Photos app under iOS 16, you can highlight it from the photo. We’ll tick it, then choose A copies Job. Then by pasting We can insert the selected object into any other application. We can even use the echo effect to visually double this object.

2. The new lock screen in iOS 16 allows users to customize various items. For example, if we put an image on the lock screen, we can use different filters to make it truly unique.

3. It has also become possible since iOS 16 to quickly view the Wi-Fi password of the currently used network. To do this, select a file settings in the list WIFI option, then press the information button (i). Then tap Password, then authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID. After that, we can already see the password, and even copy and paste it into any application.

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4. If you often need to type the same text (for example, an email address), tap Settings / General / Keyboard and select a text exchange opportunity. Let’s touch a file addition button (plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen), then enter your frequently used phrase in the text field that appears. At the bottom we can enter the simplified text that we replace it with. Then click Save button in the upper right corner of the screen. If we then enter the alternate text, the original text will be displayed.

5. Low charge mode can come in handy when your battery is starting to run low and there is no charging option nearby. instead of the in settings We’ll find it by digging around and adding to the control center, so that it is always “at hand”. Let’s touch a file Control Center the in settingsthen scroll down and tap addition the button Low battery mode next to.

6. You can select multiple photos at once to add or share them to another app. To do this, touch the first image, then tap and hold until you feel a click. Then pull it away a bit, but don’t stop pressing it yet. Tap another photo with another finger to add it to this photo. In this way, we can select as many images as we want. We can then drag all the photos to other apps or places in iOS, but hold them until we reach our destination.

7. If suddenly we are going to take a photo, we can quickly open the camera from the locked screen, without having to open it. Just swipe the screen to the left and you’re done camera We are in use.

8. We can easily translate texts Live text with the app. This feature can automatically translate text in the Camera app or within a photo. In the Camera app, point the camera at a text and tap on the live text that appears in the right corner, then choose from the options that appear Translation. This can also work for photos already taken in the Photos app.

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9. It’s easy to scan documents with Notes. To do this, press the camera button, then select File Scan documents opportunity. Point your phone at the document you want to scan and the scanning will be done automatically. This process can be repeated if we want to scan more pages. When we’re ready, click A Save button.

10. If you want to find the first photo in an album or library in the Photos app, you’ll have to scroll, because you can simply go to the beginning of the view by touching the top edge of the screen. And if you want to go back to the most recent photo taken, you have to touch the current view tab at the bottom of the screen.

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