The President of the Republic asks the Constitutional Court to examine whether the Housing Law is compatible with the Basic Law.

The Orban government’s announcement that China’s Fudan University will open a Budapest campus has raised a lot of dust in Hungary. The university, which announced the service of the Communist Party of China in its document, will be in the planned student city area, but this not only caused outrage, but the investment cost was more than 500 billion forints. You can follow developments in the Fodan case in our article series.

Appealed to the Constitutional Court In the case of the Housing Code, Janus Ader. According to a statement published on the website of the Office of the President of the Republic (KEH), the Head of State submitted to the Constitutional Court an amendment to the Law on Renting Apartments and Buildings, which was adopted by individual Fides deputies on June 15.

In his petition to the Constitutional Court, Janos Ader writes that, in his opinion, because of the need, there are some guarantees and guarantees arising from the prohibition of withdrawal, as well as the lack of individual discretion that is incompatible with some provisions of the Basic Law. The law is, therefore, unconstitutional.

On the other hand, the laws on the implementation of the Budapest Student City and “Fundan University Foundation Hungary and the transfer of assets into the Foundation of the University of Fudan Hungary” were signed by Adir – revealed on Thursday. From the Hungarian newspaper.

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Under legislation passed by Parliament ten days ago, contrary to previous promises, the Fudan campus would occupy four-fifths of the student city and create a foundation to preserve the university, which would also provide free public property in the district.

All this was battered by the government, as thousands of crowds protested the investment in early June under the slogan “Yes to Student City, not to Chinese University gig”. Even a large number of pro-government voters oppose the planned investment of about 500 billion HUF (mainly from a Chinese loan) at the expense of the student city project, which was prepared in agreement with the capital and Ferencváros.

Opposition candidates for prime minister (Girgili Karaxone, Clara Dobrev, Andras Fekete Gyor, Peter Jakab, Peter Marche Zai and Joseph Ballinkas) recently wrote a letter to Chen Cheng, President of the People’s Republic of China. They declared that whoever is the next Prime Minister of Hungary, the investment to build the campus of Fudan University in Budapest under the current circumstances will stop immediately.

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The 2022 budget, the anti-gay law, the Fudan law and the sale of rental housing were adopted اعتماد

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Final vote in the final session of Parliament’s spring session: A package of laws that laundered gays and pedophiles, protested by tens of thousands on Monday, passed the Fudan Investment Act, which was also protested. They also voted on the Municipal Rental Housing Sale Act. With the exception of Jobbik, the opposition boycotted the vote.

Lex Fudan Voted: A Green Way to Prepare for Investing

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While the government appears to have backed away from Fudan’s investment as a result of the Budapest protest, the pro-government majority in Parliament voted for “Lex Fudan”, implying preparations for the Chinese University campus in Budapest.