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Due to this amateur error, CS2 has lower FPS which hurts

Due to this amateur error, CS2 has lower FPS which hurts

The Source 2 engine-equipped CS2 client arrived at the end of September 2023, but could still be a surprise.

01.29.2024 – Counter-Strike 2 permanently replaced the previous CS:GO client in September 2023. The Source 2 engine still has its drawbacks, as it can be hungrier in terms of resources in some cases. For this very reason, users are almost constantly trying to boost the available FPS numbers with various tips and tricks. Some of them can be really effective, we can list them here Startup option “-thread”.Which was supported by measurements even at that time. This forces the Counter-Strike 2 client to use as many physical cores as possible in the machine.

Of course, not everything is accessible from the user side either. Valve needs to continue polishing the game engine. This has been done several times in recent months, but the work does not stop here. There weren't any updates for Counter-Strike in January, so many people are hoping that the development team will roll out a really big patch in February. There is a great chance for this, as there are many bugs and glitches related to the Source 2 engine. However, in recent days, users have encountered perhaps one of the most interesting and at the same time the most amateurish bugs in the game.

Interesting characters in your Windows name? Counter-Strike 2 does much worse

Many people have noticed that Counter-Strike 2 performs worse than it should in countries that use Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, or Arabic. In particular, there was no shortage of FPS drops, which can definitely completely ruin the gaming experience. It seems that special characters in the Windows username can be blamed for these errors. After entering an English name, the bug finder was able to read FPS numbers better and more consistently in the CS2 benchmark. It's incomprehensible how such a bug could happen in 2024, but if it will affect you for some reason, it's In the video below You will find out how you can retype your Windows username and replace it with a version that does not contain special characters.

There are times when there are no more tricks They help:

Is your FPS too low in CS2? – Replace this component first

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