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Donald Trump skips the first primary debate
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Donald Trump skips the first primary debate

He justified his decision by saying that opinion polls also prove that people love him, so he does not want to participate in the debates of the presidential candidate.

Donald Trump skips the first GOP primary debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday. The former President of the United States has also hinted that he may not participate in the other primary debates.


He justified his decision by saying that, according to opinion polls, he leads the list of Republican presidential candidates, which proves that voters “love him and know who he is.” He added that if he participated in the debates, he would give other presidential candidates an opportunity to attack him and his actions.

Despite a post on his social media site, Truth Social, the Trump adviser told CNN it was likely the former president would still participate in a subsequent debate.

Donald Trump told supporters he did not want the debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, the site of the second debate, because he had never been invited to the library before, and he saw the reason in the fact that Fred Ryan is among the board of trustees. Former general manager of The Washington Post.

According to sources close to Trump, instead of discussing the presidential candidate, he will be speaking with Tucker Carlson in an interview.

DeSantis could be a target if he doesn’t debate Trump Wednesday

Despite his announcement, many members of the Republican Party tried to persuade the former US president to hold a debate in Milwaukee on Wednesday. However, if you skip the presidential debate, the main target for the candidates will be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo said the Florida governor is looking forward to presenting his presidential platform in Milwaukee. Microblog X (formerly Twitter) wrote about Trump’s absence that no one “deserve” the presidential nomination, including Donald Trump, because it must be earned.

Donald Trump has until Friday to turn himself in voluntarily in Fulton County, Georgia, after he was indicted for the fourth time last week for trying to change the results of the 2020 presidential election.

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