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Darkmoon Races cards in our database with all information

Darkmoon Races, Moonfang
Dirt (golden Mutual)

Exit the game and log in again, you don’t have to go through the animation.

New Priest Collection – Image Hearthstone Hungary · 22.01.20 22:20

Zeynos profilképeZenus (rare)

The joke is that the icle doesn’t help either. It is true that I will not die, but the animation goes on for a long time (because it has to hit -30) until the nail passes and then the priest comes again.

New Priest Collection – Portrait of Hearthstone Hungary · 22.01.20 21:15

Grandpa's profile pictureMy old father (Excellent)

I was also lucky to be a priest like that at least I know that because I don’t want to play.

New Priest Collection – Image Hearthstone Hungary · 22.01.20 19:57

Kacsito profilképeKacsito (King Leach)

I think it’s a priest’s card, a super goal for Guardian animalsto me. The reason is different too, but it’s all about cutting art and everything.

Moonfang – Hearthstone Hungary Card 01/22/2021 7:48 PM

Profilképe casual playerCasual player (legendary)

I can’t find any groups like this. I’m not at all ready to play against the priests, he has a solution for everything. Immediately go into the abdication area if you are the chaplain of your opponent.

New Priest Collection – Photo of Hearthstone Hungary 01/22/2021 6:50 PM

VasPaladin profilképeFez Baldin (The epic)

I tried it, and it would only be cheaper to win a card if they won: (Battle cry: If opponent is XYkast, it destroys it)

New Priest Collection – Photo of Hearthstone Hungary 01/22/2021 1:47 PM

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