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[TGA] Plague Tale: Requiem – Asobo’s medieval pest adventure continues [VIDEO]


A Plague Tale: Innocence It was an exceptionally good game (so no wonder it got a PlayStation 5/Xbox Series release too) which is why it’s good to see an opportunity to continue in the studio titled A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Focus Entertainment (the name of the publisher in this form may not be familiar, so we recall that it rebranded itself during the year the company previously operated as Focus Home Interactive) Asobo Studio had previously announced the game, but The They waited until the Game Awards to give a look. Insights into the gameplay as well and of course some pictures can be seen within the character set.

According to Focus Entertainment, Plague Tale: Innocence has won several awards and I want to stick to that level with the sequel, which was given a new trailer during Geoff Keighley’s year-end event. In this trailer, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Requiem sets the mood.

Amicia and Hugo embark on a fantastic adventure in a world filled with supernatural powers (in the meantime, the scene is still breathtaking). The couple fled their homeland, but Amecia and Hugo are now heading further south, where new territories and vibrant cities await them. We need to discover how much it will cost us to save our loved ones during a desperate period of survival.

We can attack from shadows, but we can also unleash hell, using kraft tools or super powers to outsmart our opponents and eliminate challenges, and since it’s not an intergenerational game, fans of Plague Tale: Innocence should update it. Console (or PC) if played on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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As a result, Plague Tale: Requiem for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (steam) and Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch isn’t in any way as powerful as the two consoles launched last November, so it can be quickly discovered that it will be a cloud-based version. And those with an Xbox Game Pass / PC Game Pass subscription (the latter being the new name for the PC version, get used to it!) can still access it right from the start, and Asobo’s promising creation will also be playable from the cloud. The game will be released next year, and the exact release date is not known yet.

source: jimatsu

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Plague Tale Mass 2021 09 12 21007

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Plague Tale Mass 2021 09 12 21011

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