Dimitr Szilard, Director of the Petofi Literary Museum (PIM), will perform with his own band, Loyal Apples’ Club, on January 13 on the PIM stage.

The ceremony coincides with the bicentenary of Sándor Petőfi’s birth. In a Facebook post – Posted by telex noticed — the band wrote that they believed “If Petofi were alive today, he’d be a rock musician”.

The Loyal Apples’ Club – Time Travelers of Freedom’s concert repertoire includes songs they believe are integral to Petofi’s legacy, even if he could have written them.

“Other well-known acts such as Keresem a söt, Silver Rain and Something Different at Home and Beyond the Threshold will be given a new look. In addition to the arrangements, the most popular Loyal Apples’ Club songs will also be played,” reads the band’s post. .

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With the addition of guest artists and singers, the band not only wants to provide a musical experience, but also invite the audience on an exciting visual journey, the post states.

Among the stellar guests of the evening was the former star singer Gabi Toth, who, as Telex reminds us, received a lot of attacks because of her close ties to NER, or because of her Rolex watch, which seemed to cost seven million. Another guest star is Laci Bari, who will go on to star in Szár! He might be familiar from his stage.


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