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Bon Jovi's son proposed to Millie Bobby Brown underwater while they were scuba diving

Bon Jovi's son proposed to Millie Bobby Brown underwater while they were scuba diving

A small mallard attacked underwater.

In April last year, news came of their engagement Weird thingsKnown from Millie Bobby Brown: Jake With Bongiovithe singer Bon Goofy They plan to connect their lives with their son. If anyone is having sleepless nights wondering how to accept a proposal, we can show you Bobby Brown's latest TV appearance. Jimmy fell on In his presentation a statement Details of the big moment.

Well, I haven't told anyone this yet, but it's too good a story to tell.

It turns out that the actress and Bongiovi share a common hobby: diving, and one day the latter took Bobby Brown to go diving at his usual diving spot at 8:00 in the morning. The actress was confused about the time and location that was boring for her, but in the end she let go of her waist.

They were underwater, several meters deep, when Bongiovi retrieved the ring and after Bobby Brown couldn't speak underwater, he gave him a thumbs up. But for divers it means he wants to go to the surface.

Rather, I showed the OK sign with my hand so that he could be understood. He put the ring on and when I was about to show it to him, it fell off my finger. He fell into the deep… and Jake threw himself after him. The diver said you shouldn't do this, think about your ears, your brain will literally explode. But he caught the ring and saved him.

According to Bobby Brown, this moment also represents their relationship well: if one makes a mistake, the other is there to help them.

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