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Index – Culture – His teammates bid farewell to Joseph Sass

Index - Culture - His teammates bid farewell to Joseph Sass

God rest, Josca!

This was written by comedian Tibor Aradi, who passed away at the age of 82, Joseph Sass. The news of his deathThen he shared a video he made with these words:

I miss the photo series today because I would hesitate to share anything about myself on this day. On the other hand, I have to make a wish, because unfortunately it took effect today. Só Jóska was the humorist who not only liked him, he even asked us if we parody him, we won’t pardon him. Let’s show you how we see him because he loved to laugh at himself. He called me before his 70th birthday and said, “There will be a lecture on the microscope on my birthday! Write some musical songs about me, but don’t save it because you know me! Well, I wrote. I liked it, as it appears in the video. A few years later, before performing Show in Nest Club, he said: I saw on YouTube what you sang on my birthday. I looked at it ten times in a row. If I died, remember me not with some sad, stupid recordings, but with this! User: Of course I turned off ads during the video and they stay that way!

Joseph Varga, the owner of the humor, also says goodbye to Joseph Sass with the video. On your social page, you write:

I do not believe! My fortune! I looked at the old photos two days ago and there was a couple in which I was the only living actor. Then came the one in which you are the central character. Your affirmation of life emanated from them, and it was good to say yes, these few photos are not from the past. He assures me this is just a stupid joke and the press is wrong. If not, rest in peace, and we will remember you forever!

In Memoriam József Sas .. there are so many talents and stories about him. Like foliage in a storm, it now turns my head in one go. The theater that no longer exists, the fellows, many of them no longer exist, and of course The Józsi … It was one of our shared songs in 2003. Juska loved it because it was an “easy turn”, “You don’t have to do anything, just stand there.”

His colleague, Peter Burgy, told Blake that

Gone was the last theater man to no longer with the political cabaret, which was a struggle for an entrenched vision, democracy. Józsi was a very special life affirming man, he gave immense energy to people, and carried the company together with amazing power.

Award-winning actors János Gossvölgyi Kossuth and Jászai Mari told ATV that

We have to say goodbye not only to him, but also to a genre that I think is definitely over. Because on the one hand, there was this theater, the microscope, which was canceled, and instead there has been almost nothing since then.

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