We probably don't need to lecture any Hungarian driver about the poor quality of the roads, everyone has first-hand experience with this. However, it is unlikely that anyone will see anything like what was recorded in China. The exact place and time of the recording are not known, only that it was recorded a few months ago somewhere in the countryside, and it is circulated on social media from time to time, which is not surprising.

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At first, we may not even understand what we see. The appearance is as if pimples are growing from under the asphalt, and the explanation in essence is not far from this. The cause of the collapse of the road is quartz crystals and other minerals, which are harder than the top layer laid several centimeters thick.

But how did the minerals get there? The answer lies in shoddy and neglected construction, the effects of which can be seen in several huge investments in the Asian superpower in recent years. In this case, the road simply lacked a stable base, as the heavy rains and floods typical of that area had washed away the existing soil layer, leaving hard crystals. The strip of asphalt pierced by rocks fell on top of it.

In China, these implementation problems have also been given a special name. In English, these projects are called tofu projects, because the end result is approx. Stable and firm like tofu (which by definition is not famous for this). In addition to roads, bridges and buildings can also get this not-so-flattering rating, which is always revealed after some kind of natural disaster occurs. One of the most famous such cases occurred in 2008, when newly built schools in Sichuan Province collapsed like a house of cards after an earthquake. In the case of many such projects, it is often revealed that the money was originally intended for proper implementation, but the amounts disappear into someone's pocket in the meantime.

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