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Christoph Nemeth was completely frozen: “I watched them fall in love with my partner…”

Christoph Nemeth was completely frozen: “I watched them fall in love with my partner…”

Christoph Nemeth He became a father of three children last year. Actor's wife Zeta She gave birth in August For OliverSince then, of course, their lives have completely changed, but the artist adores his family and, according to him, will be a father four times.

Christoph Nemeth / Photography: Attila Trinca

However, he talked about a completely different topic #Bushkar A program in which he talked about infidelity and infidelity with the host's latest guests, A meeting with Rosina, With Curtis, Drummer with Evelyn And With Christoph Nemeth. The last question is “Have you ever noticed someone trying to spy on your partner?” In response to a question, he admitted that he was indeed in an unpleasant situation because of this.

It wasn't just that someone assaulted my partner, but that I actually watched him fall in love… but in retrospect, it was quite obvious. I froze in this position

The actor admitted.

He didn't complain about it

Although most people feel completely hopeless when their partner falls in love with them, the actor also explained that in these situations the worshiper is not to blame, because if someone can be tempted, then the fault was in their own relationship and something did not work out. . the To his question, he explained in more detail what the problem could be.

“At that time, I didn't have the courage to be completely honest in the relationship, which is definitely different compared to my current self. I think it's very important to ask and say, 'Listen! It's very good for me that you're like this and that,' 'Listen, it's not good.' For me to do it this way, the way we live, the way you've been acting lately…” “Listen, I have concerns. Do I see well?” “What’s wrong with you?” -Maybe these are the people left behind in this relationship I'm talking about…

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