Catalog - Abroad - The US space agency is preparing to meet aliens

Catalog – Abroad – The US space agency is preparing to meet aliens

The question arises: How would the world’s major religions react if it was established that other civilizations existed in space outside us that could be described as meaningful by human standards?

So Reverend Andrew Davison, a Cambridge theologian and 23 colleagues in addition to him, get paid by the US space agency to find an answer to the above question.

It is already a fact that life has evolved elsewhere in the universe, and research on Mars is providing more and more evidence for this, as it is already known that It was still water on the red planet.

It is assumed that Davison also had to delve into himself and the world of the faith proclaimed by his church, since he himself is convinced that the existence of extraterrestrial life is becoming more and more realistic by the day. Especially how they were put on an alien hunt by James Web Space Telescopewhich analyzes the atmospheres of planets in distant star systems in search of life. Scientists do this by observing the presence of compounds in the atmosphere that are the consequences of life. It could be carbon dioxide, for example, if our interstellar relatives were experiencing an industrial revolution, but also ammonia, which is emitted by less evolved organisms.

After all, there is a theory that the ammonia contained in the atmosphere of Venus is the product of organic organisms.

And Venus, once thought to be Earth’s twin brother, is nearby.

The European Space Agency’s space probe, named after biochemist Rosalind Franklin, will blast off to Mars next year to search the surface for organisms and their remains. And in two years, a mission will be launched to the moon of Jupiter, Europe, to see if there is life on the water giant under the huge ice sheet.

We may not discover life for 100 years. But we can also find him as early as next week

. said times NASA expert magazine.

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The findings raise a number of questions

Did God create life elsewhere? Did the Creator play the same scenario on Earth, that is, He sent Messiah and prophets? Can the world’s religions be overthrown or reformed, will they rewrite their history of creation? if God or the gods created everything, so why wouldn’t they do it elsewhere?

And these are questions that concern only theologians, given the religions and belief systems on Earth. Because what if NASA finds traces of a civilization, and that civilization is strict religious? And how would this civilization function if they found life outside them?

Speaking of Davison, the Christian pastor, will believers worry about the souls of astronauts? Will the converted religions bear fruit even if the target audience is not human?

Of course, it’s very science fiction, but as a NASA expert points out, anytime clearly They can detect life outside the planet.

And no one has any idea what to see in the UFO footage, where the UFOs that make up their laws of physics came from and where they’re headed.

In addition, the concept of Prometheus raised the question of space exploration:

Since Hollywood has already prepared us to meet astronauts, are we ready to find people light years away?

Perhaps the world’s major religions would be happier with this.

In the meantime, forget that we don’t know much about terrestrial life, there are countless meaningful and conscious animals to which the major religions do not attribute souls. However, there are cephalopods, dolphins, elephants, dogs, but even penguins who do not know if they have any religion or will only adopt one of the great human religions.

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Russian Patriarch Kirill has already taken at least the first step towards getting acquainted with the spiritual world of terrestrial beings by visiting a penguin colony in the Arctic six years ago.

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