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After Putin, Biden Xi spoke to Chen Ping

After Putin, Biden Xi spoke to Chen Ping

US President Joe Biden, who has also promised to prevent China from taking the title of the world’s most powerful country from the United States, said that would force Beijing to abide by the rules of the game in international trade as well.

a The Hungarian site for Free Europe He wrote a report on the US president’s first solo press conference on Thursday, in which Biden continued to demonstrate militancy in world affairs. At the very least, it’s hard to interpret the promise differently that no matter how much China wants to become the world’s leading country, the president will prevent it. “It’s not going to happen standing here because the United States will continue to grow,” Biden said.

However, the president also added that the United States is not initiating further tensions and maintaining opposition to China, and will “only” hold the United States and its allies accountable for suppressing democracy in Hong Kong and for treating the Uighur minority. And to arm. It also comes to mind that although the president knows the Chinese president well and is considered a clever man, he believes Xi Xin-ping is like Vladimir Putin. Indeed, in the sense that they are both supporters of despotism, and therefore “there is no bone democracy” in the body of the Chinese leader.

In the future, when he has to deal with the Chinese leader, Biden will insist that China “plays according to international rules, fair competition, fair practices and fair trade,” the portal wrote.

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