Navalny is alive and taken to a prison near Moscow

Navalny is alive and taken to a prison near Moscow

The Russian News Agency cited information from a local advocacy organization in its article that it was transferred to Pokrov, Vladimir region, a hundred kilometers from Moscow. Alexey Navalny. The Ria Novosti newspaper reported on Sunday that in prison here, a politician must serve a sentence of about two and a half years imposed on him.

Earlier, Navalny was transported to an unknown location, which is cause for concern.

a Russian President Vladimir Putin A politician who is considered an outspoken critic of the head of state must first be removed as part of measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Navalny’s close ally, Leonid Volkov You mentioned on Twitter that no one had received official information from the authorities, so they didn’t even know the politician’s exact whereabouts, not even his family members and his lawyer.

Navalny was detained in Moscow on January 17 when he returned home from Berlin, where he received hospital treatment and rehabilitation after being poisoned in Russia in August, according to the consensus of several Western laboratories.

On February 2, a Moscow court commuted Navalny to a previously suspended prison sentence issued in the so-called Yves Rocher case. According to the ruling, Navalny would have to spend a little more than two and a half years out of the three and a half years imposed on him, given the time he previously spent under house arrest.

In late January and early February, his supporters organized three unauthorized mass demonstrations in the country to protest the politician’s arrest and prison sentence. The authorities arrested more than 11,000 of these participants.

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