By the time of E3, Steam's next big game festival, which had been renamed, had been announced

By the time of E3, Steam’s next big game festival, which had been renamed, had been announced

Steam website She announced that the Toy Festival will be taking place in Valve’s online store this summer as well. It will be similar to previous Steam Fest events, but this time it will be called Next Fest. Which in the official Hungarian version of Steam is called Future Festival.

The next festival will run for six days, from June 16 through June 22, with its start and end at 19:00 home time in the evening. With the new name, Valve wants to clarify what Banza is about: the upcoming games. They promise hundreds of testable demos, livestream with developers, and chat with studio staff. It is not yet clear which games will be included, but given the past festivals, we can likely expect independent improvements. It would be helpful to keep the event in mind as they recently brought some interesting and promising games to test.

An interesting coincidence is that the next festival will roughly take place when E21 2021 can also be expected. Although the European Space Agency does not have an officially announced program, a document leaked in February said that E3 was planned to be disabled between June 15-17, albeit online. But they came later NewsletterThey wouldn’t keep it that way. who is that Whatever the case There’s no need to remember that there will be no previews and ads this summer because over the past year, many publishers have grown accustomed to making their broadcasts online.

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