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We tasted 14 minutes of gameplay from the horror game Nextgen

We tasted 14 minutes of gameplay from the horror game Nextgen

In the early year or years of a new console generation, we’ll be equipped with next-generation horror games, for sure! An alluring PS5-exclusive comeback with a fun and time-lapse concept, Dead Space creator has created another sci-fi horror called Callisto Protocol, and we hope we finally get GhostWire: Tokyo at last too, and Resident Evil Village shouldn’t be forgotten either. And here are Polish horror experts, Bloober Team’s next project, The Medium, which will be released in January, and a longer surreal video will make you feel like it is playing.

Sure, all the horror is surreal on some level, but the new game from the developers of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch will be precisely because the story takes place in two planes or two dimensions of existence. The protagonist, Marianne, who, unlike Blauber’s work thus far, is controllable from an outside perspective and is able to move into the spirit realm while realizing, which, as shown in the video, is not exactly a pleasant spiritual realm, but a hellish place. Silent Hill’s creators will envy him, too. Of course, the gameplay is familiar, that is, we hide in the story, hide from horror, and at the same time we also have to perform puzzles and skill quests. The latter, of course, becomes organic with the story, as there will be parts of the game that we can only get past entering the realm of spirits.

The Medium will be released on January 28 for PC (device order) and Xbox Series X / S.

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