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Best Plant Identification Apps – Medical Garden

Best Plant Identification Apps – Medical Garden

The question is often asked whether the plant in the photo is a medicinal plant, whether it can be consumed or whether it is actually poisonous. The next question is usually what is the best plant identification application, with which we can easily and reliably identify plants we don't know yet.

In our modern world, everyone has a small computer in their pocket in the form of a device called a phone, so it is no wonder that herb identification books are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and we are looking for the solution in plant identification apps.

It depends on what kind of phone you have in your pocket, you can find many apps in Google Play Store or Apple AppStore if you enter “plant identification” or “hungarian plant identification” in the search engine.

Which plant recognition app should we choose?

In the end, which application will be the most suitable for us sometimes depends on individual aspects.

In any case, it is worth paying attention to it What a reviewReceived by every order. Who would have thought that there is a difference between Android and Apple stores?

Let's take a look at the apps that got the highest scores!

Free apps: PlantNet and Google Lens

At the time of writing this article, PlantNet Factory ID has a rating of 4.8 in the App Store and 4.7 in the Play Store. Personally, this is my favorite. Easy to use application. Identification is done on the basis of plants identified and uploaded by users to its database. We can determine that a Any part of a plant (Flower, leaf, fruit, etc.) We want to perform the selection process, and the accuracy of the possible differences is displayed as a percentage. All this facilitates the direction of a more precise definition.

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Identification based on flower:

Message based identification:

the google lens It is perhaps the most popular plant finder, with a rating of 4.3 in the AppStore and 4.7 in the Play Store. As for the last value, remember that both are Google products. It performs recognition based on images found in the Google search engine, which – let's face it – is not always ideal, as a lot of images are uploaded to different articles that do not even show the plant in question (or perhaps a similar one).

Paid applications

the blossom It has a rating of 4.6 on both the Play Store and AppStore.

the Plant ID It has a rating of 4.0 in the Play Store and 4.7 in the AppStore as an AI factory ID.

the PlantApp It has a rating of 4.6 in the Play Store and 4.7 in the AppStore.

the plants (formerly NatureID) has a 4.6 rating in the AppStore, but I couldn't find it in the Play Store. It used to be free, but now it's also paid.

A friend brought it to my attention LeafSnapre, which received a rating of 4.0 in the Play Store, while it did not receive a rating in the AppStore, which is a very bad result compared to before. Maybe this will tell you something. In addition, this service was free, but now it is paid.

When you download paid apps, it is usually not revealed that they are paid, as they all have more or less trial periods, and eventually you can cancel.

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And that's a good thing because if you don't like free PlantNet or Google Lens, then During the trial period, you can easily choose which option is worth spending money on. By the way, for most orders, this means 10-15 thousand Hungarian forints per year at the time of writing this article.

Most apps have that Desktop versionOr website, so that we can then try to recognize our images with their help in front of our computer screen, which may often be more convenient.

What results can we expect from plant recognition apps, and to what extent can plant recognition apps be used?

Above, I tried both free apps with an image, and both apps came to the same result, which is also the correct solution.

Plant identification can often be based on small details, which we may not photograph (if we don't know exactly what to photograph), or we may have photographed it, but it does not appear correctly in the photo. You should be careful when taking photos, Accurately photograph the plant from all directions, so that the stem, leaves, flowers, etc. can be clearly seen from the bottom, top, etc. In the absence of this, the recognition app can actually produce false results, even if the plant recognition app is relatively reliable.

That's why the ease of use of plant identification apps lies more in the fact They aid in plant identification and help limit potential differences. Thus, with a plant identification book in hand, we can identify our plant more easily.

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Apps actually help us identify plants, however They do not replace plant identification books and practices.

I would absolutely caution everyone against consuming or using only plants that have been “identified” with the help of plant identification applications in the home pharmacy, because a possible error in the application could be fatal.

Umbrellas are known to be the most difficult to identify and cause the most errors, so I also tried like this picture. I only photographed the flower live, because it causes many problems in real life as well. We always notice flowering plants, and as beginners, for some reason, we try to identify them based mostly on their flowers.

This result faithfully reflects how misleading this is:

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