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Beautiful second place in the Riga Cup

Beautiful second place in the Riga Cup

In the season-ending tournament in Latvia, the Hungarian national team won seven out of eight matches and also managed to sweep the individual title.

In this year's Riga Cup, twenty-five teams competed in four groups, our team met Lithuania's HC Klaipeda, Finland's Haki, Latvia's Jelgavas, Sweden's TIG SK and Israel's Kfar Shaba Kings in Group D, followed by the Contenders.

Robert peter The mentor coach summarized the events of the tournament:

“Knowing the system and the way the tournament was run, the aim was to create an environment for the players that would challenge them in all areas. I think here of the tight schedule, the two matches a day and the tests against international teams. The field was mixed, but every match was very difficult, and The tournament is beneficial. We had very busy and eventful days, and gained a lot of valuable experience. Everything happened quickly, but we had to be ready for it. The players realized that at international level, you have to give your best performance every day, because this is the way “The only way we can achieve success. The boys were open, everyone worked hard, it was a pleasure to work with them.”

The specialist said that at first the boys were unable to adapt to the conditions. For example, there was a five-minute warm-up, after which the match began immediately. It was 3 x 15 minutes long, with a stopwatch, and there was a one-minute break between periods.

We prepared the players that every match would be different, and our performance gradually improved with it. We dominated the game five to five, our own game went relatively well, and we will have to work on exploiting situations in the future. Overall, the Riga tournament was positive, challenging and rewarding, with all players improving. We've given them the information and tools they'll use every day going forward. So these few days were an excellent end to the season for this age group.” Robert Peter added.

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For the best defender in the tournament Adam Kis Karaszon was selected and evaluated as follows:

“I was happy to be here with the national flag. I joined the group at the last minute, but I was able to seize the opportunity. They were chosen as the best defender of the tournament, which was very surprising. Throughout the tournament, I was trying to show my best face, and therefore I thank the coaches for their trust.” “The award I received is a real confirmation for me that hard work always pays off. I gained good experience, we played eight good matches, and every match was different. It is a very big thing to be in the national team. I feel that this tournament gave me something Additionally, it showed me new values, improved tactically, and gave me a lot mentally.”

So do others, including players who played abroad most of the season and only managed to join the national team.

Boris Wise It was a great pleasure to fight with his old teammates again, while… Pence Kovacs He confirmed that they found a common voice during the meeting, and everyone was receptive, and we started the tournament in a good mood.

He added: “The goals included defending the championship win and looking for new challenges. The tournament provided an excellent opportunity for that. We could meet twice a day to prepare for the match, and we played in a different hall every day. This tournament took us out of our comfort zone and taught us how to adapt at a time “Short. Each of the eight matches gave us some kind of new task, and we succeeded in solving it until the final.” editing.

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Benedek Gyulay, Who also participated in this tournament last year, rated the tournament in Riga and the silver medal as follows:

“In the group stage, we saw a real chance to win the gold medal. We fought hard in the semi-final, scoring the winning goal in the last half-minute. Unfortunately, the final was not a success, but we are still proud of each other and the team with the result we achieved. We formulated it as a goal “So we can win the gold medal later in a situation like this, and we will work to achieve that.”

Results of the Hungarian national team in the Riga Cup:

TIG SK (Sweden) – Hungary U15 2-3
Hungary U15 – Jelgavas (Latvia) 3-2

HC Klaipeda (Lithuania) – Hungary U15 0-1
Kings of Kfar Saba (Israel) – Hungary U15 1-11

Hungary U15 – Haki (Finn) (6-0
Geneva Future Hockey (Switzerland) vs Hungary U15 2-3 (IS)

In the semi-finals:

Hungary U15 – EHC Basel Nachoches (Switzerland) 3-2

in the end:

Hungary U15 – HS Riga 2009 (Latvia) 0-3

Hungary's lineup in the Riga Cup:

Benedek Gyulay (Budapest Hockey Academy), Laurent Süss (FEHA19) – Goalkeepers

– Defenders

Bence Baruti (Újpest Ice Hockey Academy), Bence Gál (Linköping HC, Swedish), Gergő Károlyi (Újpest Ice Hockey Academy), Zalán Kóródi (Budapest Ice Hockey Academy), Bence Kovács (Újpest Ice Hockey Academy), Csaba Kóvács (Újpest Ice Hockey Academy) ). Hockey Academy), Vonja Akos Tollner (Budapest Ice Hockey Academy), Levente Meder (FEHA19), Matthias Oktobi Nolan (Budapest Ice Hockey Academy), Lazar Rakosi (FEHA19), Nandor Spsak (DVTK Academy), Boris Wise (Linkoping, Sweden)

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the crew:

Head coach Robert Peter, second coach Chanad Okos, goalkeeping coach Balazs Songor, physiotherapist Gabor Fodor, equipment manager Adam Takac, team manager Erzsébet Klem.

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