Back to Monkey Island: The creator prefers not to share any behind-the-scenes secrets [VIDEO]

Ron Gilbert had a snowshoe full of presence among the public that disliked anything about the new “Monkey Island”.

Since the announcement of returning to Monkey Island, there have been some shaky moments. The game was produced by Gilbert’s (Terrible Toybox) studio in collaboration with Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games. In the past, Gilbert responded to art style critics: “It’s ironic that the people who don’t want me to make the game I want are the main fans of Monkey Island, and that’s what makes me sad. Back to Monkey Island is an amazing ride on a roller coaster. Go ahead and enjoy yourself or get out of the way.” The park because this isn’t the rollercoaster you want. I hope you jump on it with the rest of us.”

The video below for the game was recently released and it has also divided the fan base. It’s worth knowing Gilbert often talks to his fans, and he checked out the comments section here as well. Critics were…important, scathing, he hit back, and an avalanche ensued. Finally, Gilbert concluded the speech by saying, “I’m going to shut down the comments. People are just mean and I should delete my personal offensive comments. It’s a great game and everyone on the team is very proud of it. Play it or not, but don’t ruin it for others. I won’t post more about the game. The joy of sharing.” You pushed me out.”

Joybrush Thripwood voice, Dominic Armatou Sarcastic congratulations to all, because although the comments section of Gilbert’s blog was disastrous, he saw many enthusiastic, but polite and restrained comments from others. And Gilbert deleted his blog, which had been running since 2004 (Grumpy Gamer, proper name anyway). This isn’t the first time he’s been looking for comments online, and the name is apt: he’d often say things angrily that he later retracted. This can be said: It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Gilbert started talking about the game again later, which has been in development for two years, and it was such an achievement to be kept a secret all this time.

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The game will be released first on Nintendo Switch and PC.

source: PCGamer

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