Cyberpunk GTA 2?  Glitchpunk getting ready!

Cyberpunk GTA 2? Glitchpunk getting ready!


The top-down game is really similar to the classic GTA revival.

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Who remembers the days when the word GTA was not synonymous with the elaborate, open-world TPS of the dirt known today, but from top to bottom in urban and gunfire? The first two episodes of the GTA series (and tributaries of London) are still high on the top and although the last episodes are among the best games, their ambiance cannot be compared.

Perhaps a little bit of this mood gets smuggled into our daily life Dark lord The new studio game by prof Didalic for entertainment It will be sponsored by him and his demo will be available to try from tomorrow to a few days. The game is Glesbank It holds the title and also reveals a lot about what we can prepare for.

Check the YouTube video below


First, the game will embark on the cyberpunk world by riding the current trend. And Glitch points to the character we’re controlling, as the robot will be defective (Johnny Fife, is that you ?!). Both the gameplay and the visual world will evoke GTA 2: in the top view, we can control the rebellious Android system, which we will shoot, take over and steal. As promised, we will be able to tour several cities, all dominated by different gangs, sects, and of course, behemoths.

Glitchpunk is scheduled to appear sometime in the first half of 2021, but as part of the Steam Game Festival tomorrow, it will be possible to try out a demo from February 3 to 9. ■

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