Australia wants to hold its season opener again in 2022 – F1VILÁG.HU

The racing circus leadership announced Tuesday The 2021 World Cup series can only start on March 28th in BahrainAfter the Australian Grand Prix must be postponed due to tightening due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Melbourne competition will take place on November 21 Then, in 2022, race organizers hope to be able to run the first race of the championship again.

“This is not forever,” said Martin Pakula, Victoria’s Minister of Sports and Tourism. “We definitely want to restore our traditional season opening.”

If that was indeed the case, the Australian Grand Prix organizers would have to demolish the racetrack four weeks after the November race and then rebuild it eight weeks before the mid-March 2022 race – if that makes any sense at all.

Next month too The Australian Open is also held in MelbournePlus in front of the audience: compared to previous years, however, only a third will be able to attend the event.

At the same time The tournament will be attended by approximately 1,500 players, employees and officialsWho will be strictly quarantined in their hotels for the 14 days prior to the event. On the other hand, players can train for 5 hours a day, provided they don’t interact with people outside the “bubble”.

Sports Minister says In the case of Formula 1, such strict isolation was not possible.

“I accept that the conditions in F1 are somewhat different. They couldn’t implement what we agreed upon in terms of tennis.”

A similar class will not be possible during the November competition, which will take place 14 days after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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