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At Irvin Gezti’s house, Naji covered the potty, but the contents ended up falling on his head

At Irvin Gezti’s house, Naji covered the potty, but the contents ended up falling on his head

So, Giza told a story, which I will quote verbatim, and I saved the text on my phone: “What happened was that the script was completed, and it was voted on to be made into a film under Andy Vajna. But then the winds and attitudes changed, and the new management decided that we couldn’t play the lead role, even with the money that had been voted for for the film. They presented us with a choice of either To cast Irvin Nagy or there would be no movie. We scratched our chins there, because we had a talented crew and directors and screenwriters who worked on this movie for two or three years. And then we had to make the decision to let Irvin go, because we could do something else. “It hurts me to say this even now, because it hurts to face the fact that there is a little bit of cowardice in this.”

That’s it, Mr. Editor. My own opinion is that everyone who gives money to a movie can have a say in who they want to see as the main character on screen. It depends on the conscience of the great artist that one day he is still scolding the government, and the next day he raises his fist against them. How is that? He even said this on the show, that putting Geszti in an unpleasant situation is more than just meanness. Well, it doesn’t matter, he just wanted to get rid of me. Now look at how well the editor is dressed, is he going somewhere? I won’t keep you awake for long, I wish you all the best – he said with a smile, not even waiting for Falhafizi’s answer, but hurriedly disappearing into the stairs.

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